1. quixon:






    how do you tell the difference between a chemist and a plumber

    ask them to pronounce “unionised”

    Holy fuck thats clever

    It took me 5 minutes to get this


    Oh fuck you.

    Smart people jokes be like

    why unionised? Its normally deionised.

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  2. dajo42:

    "tea is just leaf water!" "yeah well coffee is just bean water!" wow, it’s. it’s like everything is made of things. this door is just wood rectangle. this poster is just ink paper. this lemonade is just lemon water. wow, it’s like you can combine ingredients to make things that are more enjoyable than the initial parts of the equation. sure is a magical world we live in

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  3. ask-beedrill:





    It’s kind of peaceful.

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  4. the-exercist:


    If you look at the ingredients list and it’s a bunch of words you don’t even know… neither does your body (x)

    Just like if you break apples and grapefruit down into their chemical components, I’m willing to bet that most people wouldn’t recognize the “ingredients” either. It’s a bunch of words you don’t even know:


    Don’t use these scare tactics - Chemicals aren’t inherently bad. Literally everything is made up chemicals. Trust me, your body knows what niacin is. It knows how to digest fructose and calcium sulfate. Even if you only consume the most basic and “real” foods that are pulled directly off the vine, you’re still ingesting a series of chemical compounds that you probably can’t pronounce. That’s okay. 

    ingredients; protons, neutrons, electrons.

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  5. Something involveing EA that doesn’t make you go ‘yup, sounds like EA’


    Sims 2, Free.

    Only downside is you have to install Origin.

    To be be fair if i didn’t already have origin installed i wouldn’t bother.


  6. maxistentialist:


    Republican state Sen. Brandon Smith of Kentucky has a new theory on why climate change couldn’t possibly be slowly warming the earth’s temperature, resulting in legions of effects to the environment and its inhabitants.

    The reason, according to alternative paper LEO Weekly, seems to be that since Mars and Earth have identical temperatures, Earth’s climate cannot possibly be the result of human activity.

    “As you sit there in your chair with your data, we sit up here in ours with our data and our constituents and stuff behind us. I don’t want to get into the debate about climate change, but I will simply point out that I think in academia we all agree that the temperature on Mars is exactly as it is here. Nobody will dispute that,” said the senator in a video posted by the weekly publication. “Yet there are no coal mines on Mars. There are no factories on Mars that I’m aware of.”
    As Rebecca Leber noted, it’s worth remembering that Brandon Smith just “happens to own a few coal mines.”

    This shouldn’t be necessary, but let’s go ahead and highlight some of the rather important flaws in his truly awful argument against climate science.

    Smith insisted, for example, that “nobody will dispute” the assertion that Mars and Earth have “exactly” the same temperature. In reality, everyone will dispute that – NASA reports that the average temperature on Mars is about -81 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature on Earth is 57 degrees Fahrenheit. To see these numbers as “exactly” the same is to believe temperatures have no meaning.


    This has been one of the most hilarious things all week.

    If mars and earth had the same temperature then I’d be very worried about what’s happened to the sun.

    There is no planet like earth, Venus is the closest and is closer to classical descriptions of hell than earth.

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