1. Pour out how much you think you need.

    2. Wrong.

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    The Whitest Kids U’ Know x

    I really spent four years in the states thinking this couldn’t possibly be a real thing but then I graduated and everyone knew the pledge of allegiance PERFECTLY and then I realized how true this gifset really is. If you say something enough as a kid, it’ll never leave you. The thing tho, is that normally, kids know lullabies, and songs. Not a poem about mindless patriotism.

    Fun fact; England has no unique national anthem, instead God Save the Queen is typically used as it the anthem of all commonwealth countries.

    And very few people know more than the first verse.

    And a fun fact; “Until the latter part of the 20th century, theatre and concert goers were expected to stand while the anthem was played after the conclusion of a show. In cinemas this brought a tendency for audiences to rush out while the end credits played to avoid this formality.”

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    Because I could.

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    This is absolutely fantastic.

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    Labour last week; “The NHS is safe! Vote No!”

    Labour this week; “The Tories are destroying the NHS! Vote Labour!”

    I say that the Labour party is fucked. They got into bed with the Tories and now expect us to vote for them… while endorsing and keeping Tory cuts! Tell them to get fucked next year in the general election.

    I’m not saying you should of voted Green, but yeah i’m saying you should of voted Green.

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    Or did we just BLOW YOUR MIND???? Wait…really?

    22 Eerily Plausible Conspiracy Theories (We Just Made Up)

    Oh yes, the Curiosity team, who are on earth, are unable to contact anybody.

    Instead they spent weeks doing precision driving so they could send a coded message that might hint at alien life, rather than make a public announcement.

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